2013 switchback pro r

Does this sound like personal experience talking?
Or for short jaunts on the lake to ice fish, the rack works great just to toss a small cooler or box in back and strap it down with a bungee.
We also think it actually completes the look of the sleds rear-end.This is the same system as available on the Adventure sleds, but it does not come standard with all the storage bags on the Switchback.This is not a big deal, until you pull the sled into a fully enclosed trailer and instead of the ski edge easily gliding along the trailer side-plates the bolt rips a huge gouge in the trailers inside wall/side-plate.Never drink and ride.Rush, view All, iNDY, view All, voyageur.This sled is tall, great in the big bumps and pretty darn good off-trail too, but it is at a serious disadvantage when it comes to tight trails.We also noticed that factory set-up for this sled was on the narrower shim setting for the skis.It was 3rd quickest of our demo sleds through 660-ft., quicker than both the Ski-Doo Renegade 800 and Yamaha Nytro XTX Supercharged sleds!Our Switchback went all season without ANY mechanical issues.
The time-tested 800 engine is strong, especially on low end, and this was one of the quickest sleds out of the hole in our Real World testing.
We changed this quickly, but wondered why that would.Another crazy thing we noticed is that the bolt for the ski sticks out just millimeters past the ski edges on both sides.Always wear a helmet and other safety apparel.Ride it out, our biggest complaint is still ski lift and tippiness in corners.Widetrak, wideTrak, polaris recommends that all riders take a safety training course.2017 Polaris Industries Inc.Compared to other, more powerful, long-tracks in our demo fleet this one required equal or more effort to negotiate the corners.