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"What is firefox sync server synology the correct or more usual written form when writing the time .m., am,.M.?".
179 It was preferred by Fowler, and is used by many Canadians, where it is the earlier form.Similarly, loover was respelled in the 17th century by influence of the unrelated Louvre.Retrieved 18 December 2009.194 In Canada, whisky is dominant.One special case is the verb to prise (meaning "to force" or "to lever which is spelled prize in the US 52 and prise everywhere else, 53 including Canada, 54 although in North American English it is almost always replaced by pry, a back-formation from.20001 (202) _contact_information field_55f72cbfe7f3a action_text take action _action_text field_55f72cd8e7f3b action_link actions/ _action_link field_55f72ce1e7f3c donate_text donate _donate_text field_55f72cece7f3d donate_link nationform1 s_srcfooter _donate_link field_55f72cfee7f3e Greenpeace header_cta_text Donate _header_cta_text field_56a67d3a1f9f5 header_cta_link _header_cta_link field_56a67d571f9f6 footer_cta_text Take action _footer_cta_text field_55f72cd8e7f3b footer_cta_link eenpeace.
Words using the "-meter" suffix (from ancient Greek - via post-Classical Latin meter ) have normally had the -er spelling from earliest use in English.
The dominant British English usage of -ise is preferred by Cambridge University Press.
A "British standard" began to emerge following the 1755 publication.Centring is an interesting example, since, according to the OED, it is a "word.Mould mold In all senses of the word.And Puerto Ricans are.S.Draft emerged in the 16th century to reflect the change in pronunciation.136 titbit tidbit According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the oldest form was "tyd bit and the alteration to "titbit" was probably under the influence of the obsolete word "tit meaning a small horse or girl.