auto mute mode ubuntu

5.) Enter the game monkey king pc command "alsactl restore" (without the"s) and the name and description of your choice.
PulseAudio 's main mute.
Please report a bug using the "ubuntu-bug audio" command.
My sound is no longer muted.Local /usr/bin/amixer -c 0 sset "Auto-Mute Mode" Disabled).Increase and decrease volume for left/right channel individually with "Q "E "Z and "C" keys.I tested this in my XUbuntu, and it worked perfectly.This causes the "alsactl restore" command to automatically run when you start your computer.2.) Change the file permissions for /var/lib/alsa/ate to enable read/write access for the group/others (open the folder in Thunar, then right-click the file, select properties, and go to the Permissions tab).3.) Open up a terminal and enter the command "alsactl store" (without the"s).I gave that permission, ran the "sudo alsactl store" afterwards, and it worked just fine.There has to be a way to turn zoombinis logical journey mac os x off this behavior.
I was with orengolan in #xubuntu when he was having this problem.
I can see the reason this is so - when I'm listening in phones, I don't want the laptop speakers on - but my hardware does this for me automatically, and the Speaker lever goes to the phone jack when something is inserted there.Mute/Unmute with the "M" key.(The quickest way is the Ctrl-Alt-T shortcut.).The result of alsamixer doing this adjustment is that I have to open a terminal, type alsamixer, find the speaker lever and turn it up again, every time, i insert something in the phone jack.Increase and decrease volume with up and down arrow keys.This stores your mixer settings in /var/lib/alsa/ate for later use.Enter "alsamixer" and press the Enter key.