between the lions episodes

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Sometimes, the camera zooms in on the refrigerator and segues into a Sam Spud segment.Coordinating Producer: Rick Klein, Bill Berner, Diane Hartman, Chris Cardillo, Philippa Hall.The segment always begins with the rhinos running amok, usually in Monica's house.Full List of Postman Pat Episodes.For example, "Horses must ride cowboys into the corral" needs to be rearranged to say "Cowboys must ride horses into the corral".Often the text of the song is shown on screen.It would be that Aunt Priscilla and Uncle Otto would be Cleo's younger sister and Cleo's brother-in-law and would be the maternal aunt and uncle of Lionel and Leona and the sister-in-law and brother-in-law of Theo Lion.
The title itself ia a twofold pun in that it is a play on the phrase between the lines and that many classic library buildings have two lions separated by the main entrance.Replacing Letter Songs Each song for the vowels such as "a" and "e etc.Busterfield III, located in an upper section of the library, that is normally intended for comic relief.He is the start of a few different segments: Magic Time With The Great Smartini : Arty puts two, three or four words in his pants and says a magic word like ebracadebra, or oobracadoobra, then dances to his song "Ooh ahh, dance in smarty.PBS children's program, between the Lions, which aired from April 3, 2000 to November 22, 2010.Joe Lynn Turner sung the song "Clobbered" in the episode "Giants and Cubs".Either way, after that, the policeman shouts, "Well, Silent E, you may have slipped out of my grasp this time, but mark my words: I'll get you YET!" Vowel Boot Camp In this segment, the soldiers, who are vowels (except the drill sergeant, who.Though the title of the segment clearly is a parody of the Saturday Night Live skit, the two knights in the segment speak more characteristically like Bill and Ted from Bill Ted's Excellent Adventure than Wayne and Garth from Wayne's World.Contents, series overview edit, episodes edit, season 1 (2000) edit, season 2 (2001) edit, season 3 (2002) edit, season 4 (2003) edit, season 5 (2005) edit, season 6 (2006) edit, season 7 (2007) edit, season 8 (2008) edit, season 9 (2009) edit, season 10 (2010).And that is why he is called Justin Time!" Then Justin rudely tells the singers "Go away!" Ironically, Lionel disliked this series.