bravest warriors episode 12

The power from the Space whale surges trough the plug and moves the planet to align in place.
The light of the planet powers the crystal that was given to Wallow and lights up the wheel.
The Sugarbellies are small gold colored aliens with iron sky invasion serial number chubby bellies and teased up hair.
The crystal takes the forms legs and arms and a screen for a head that projects Wallows face.Everyone goes to the 3rd planet to celebrate the restoration of conjunction.Beth and Chris jump through the last portal to see more orange creatures that collapse yugioh trading card game interactive demo gently in front of them, Chris pets their stomachs, but when Beth tries they reject her.Contents show, synopsis, when the adorable Sugarbelly aliens ask the Bravest Warriors for help, the young heroes split up to tackle their most challenging mission yet in this cross-planetary adventure.The Dogs leave off to somewhere else, Wallow thinks about the wheel, he goes through the portal to dust the wheel to reveal instructions.this article is a stub.However, Danny could be heard respond with the word "Okay!" when he was assigned to his task, and once more when Beth asked him to press.Although it was supposed to be Episode 9 (which would have been.Chris Places the orange creatures above the organ and attempts to play but cannot read sheet music resulting in an unsatisfying melody.Back to Wallow hiding from the Tea-Cup Dogs noticing the two switches on the two pillars above the wheel.
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Danny's sticker dog runs through the portal to the Metallic planet, at first they growl at each other but then become friendly and run off distracting the Tea-Cup Dogs for Wallow to continue.
The Tea-Cup Dogs spot him and attack him again as he escapes and howl.Chris asks for Beth to try, the creatures scream at her but Beth yells at them and the leader decides to give her a chance.Danny begins to lose control of the hoverboard and falls down an abyss only to find the outlet.Characters, major Characters, minor Characters.Danny phones in Beth and activates rockets jets on his hoverboard.