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While the old preference name will work in Firefox 42 and later, the new preference is recommended as the old preference name will be reset when the user signs out from Sync causing potential confusion.
You can try running your own by following the instructions from the official documentation.Last edited by gryphraff on Fri Sep 16, 2016 8:49 pm, edited 1 time in total.For long-lived server installations this should be set to a persistent value, generated from a good source of randomness.Reason: Various style problems.Log combined ErrorLog /var/log/apache2/m-error.The Firefox Sync Server is deployed on our systems using RPM packaging, and we dont provide any other packaging or publish official RPMs yet.
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A local/bin directory is created and contains a gunicorn command that can be used to run the server.Run your own Firefox Accounts Server to control all aspects of the system.Make sure your system has them, or install them: To build and run the server, you will also need to have these packages installed: python-dev make git c and c compiler, for example, under a fresh Ubuntu, you can run this command to meet uniblue powersuite serial key 2013 all.For final deployment, change it to the external, publicly-visible URL of your server.For example, if your server will be located at m/ff-sync/, the public_url should be set to this value in your config file: syncserver public_url m/ff-sync/ Apache mod_wsgi Heres an example of an Apache.2 setup that uses mod_wsgi: Directory /path/to/syncserver Order deny, allow Allow from.