homeland season 3 episode 3

If the story of Carrie and Brody ended on this note and with Carrie tunneling into her own madness in a bard epic 1.5 checklist facility in Washington it would be grim and decisive in a way that would make Walter Whites death.
But theres a real chill to his character, and.Like Brody, she ends the episode shivering in a dark corner, having chosen to medicate herself rather than further betray herself by accepting the get-out-of-jail-free card offered to her by a rather shady lawyer.Retrieved October 13, 2013.And for a moment, so are we, given that Tower of David momentarily suggests another direction for.This week, the show does something similar to Brody.But he did kill the vice president.Reception edit Ratings edit The original broadcast had.81 million viewers.Brody's clearly gone from her concerns.They regularly give Brody heroin to blunt his pain.
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So." As Brody's health improves, he begins refusing the heroin injections as they affect his ability to think.Read more AT The Huffington Post.Brody is nursed back to health.Later on, she momentarily loses control while in a bathroom, bashing her head into the mirror and drawing blood.Now, I wonder if it might be better off leaving both of them alone in their cells, living out the delusion of their love affair, and carrying on with characters like Saul, Jessica, and Dana, who actually have to go on living in the wider.Everywhere you go, other people die.A younger woman rises from her knees after giving a man its not clear whether hes a boyfriend or a client a blow job.Given that hes been gut-shot by Colombians, carted to the ministrations of a slum doctor in the back of a truck, and recuperating in a bare concrete room open to the sky, its no wonder Brody seems dazed and happy by what he discovers.He is held there by a group of mercenaries led by El NiƱo (.Its true that the show is continuing with what appears to be a season-long reckoning with what kind of people Carrie and Brody actually are.