pass dictionary to web service c#

Let's start with SharePoint Designer workflow which accesses the SharePoint List trade like a hedge fund pdf data using rest call.e Web Service Call.
Figure 1: SharePoint, step 1: Create Site Workflow, using SharePoint Designer create site workflow.
Get some fields (Get an Item from a Dictionary) from the CurrentItem variable, such as Title and store them in appropriate variables and do whatever you want with them, like logging its contents (Log).Step 2: Create Workflow Stage.Response headers will go to a new variable called responseHeaders.(type - Dictionary).Null) using (StreamWriter writer new writer.The RunQuery method is more generic than required but Im going to re-use it in future articles.Figure 12: Loop List Item Looping Add a loop alexander mccall smith ebook (Loop n Times call it Loop Task Items, and set the loop variable to TotalListItem variable.This will be your bestest friend ever when developing against.Then count items from this list variable using a Count Items in Dictionary action and store the result in a new Integer variable called TotalListItem.The first thing you need to know about communicating with the rest api is that the full api documentation is found here.Figure 11: Variable Process Web Service Response Now, create a new stage, call it " Process Web Service Response ".
Set workflow variable serviceURL " as Web Service URL.
The URL goes to localhost.Thats enough to get one started: public enum JiraResource project public class JiraManager private const string m_BaseUrl private string m_Username; private string m_Password; public JiraManager(string username, string password) m_Username username; m_Password password; public void RunQuery( JiraResource resource, string argument null, string data null, string method.Things to notice in the code: The Authorization header that we use to send our credentials look like this: Authorization : Basic base64 encoded credentials.Well create a console project which asks the user for a username and password which it uses to fetch all projects available to that user.This is to make the transaction visible in Fiddler when I monitor the communication.At the end of the stage, select Go to End of Workflow.Content-type must be application/json as we send and receive data using the json format.Accept and, content-Type entries are of the String type and they both contain the value application/json;odataverbose.Response code will go to a new variable called responseCode.(type - Dictionary ).