take picture your screen ipad 2

This is almost reason alone to migrate from Android to iPhone.
You had to download the Android SDK, enable USB Debugging, connect your Android to your computer, open ddms, mess with Terminal, open up Screen Capture.
Directions for screenshots can be found on page 131.
To see how easy it is, check out the videos below for a demonstration on all three iOS 4 devices.Now that the iPhone 4 is on Verizon, there's an all gamehouse games crack increasing number of ex-Android users wanting to know how to take a screenshot on their new iOS device.(Okay, maybe not, but it's definitely a perk.).Tips, your Camera Roll album can either be accessed via the Photos app, where you windows 8 pro 32 bit link would choose the Camera Roll album, or via the Camera app, where you would click on the thumbnail image in the bottom left, which just happens to be a picture.Well, you get the picturecomplicated.A flash of the screen lets you know the screenshot was taken.We all know what a nightmare it was to take a screenshot on your Android device.Home buttons at the same time.
But all of you ex-Droids should be happy now, because taking s4 league hack id changer a screenshot on your new iPhone 4 is nothing short of simple.
Step 1 Take a Screenshot on the iPhone.If you actually glanced through your iPhone iOS4 User Guide, you were probably surprised to see only three short sentences describing the necessary steps of creating an image of your device's screen: Quickly press and release the On/Off Sleep/Wake and.It's the same process for all Apple iOS 4 devicesiPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.The screenshot is added to the Camera Roll album.Also, for your convenience, the iPhone User Guide for iOS.2 software.If you're having trouble, make sure you're pressing the two buttons simultaneously and quickly.