task manager missing top bar windows 7

Back in the days of the Windows 98 era, a program that has hung cannot be terminated with the close button located at the top right and the process can only be forcefully ended from the Task Manager.
This is actually a display functionality in Task Manager episodes star trek ds9 created by business standard quiz 2013 Microsoft and is called the Tiny Footprint mode.The, task Manager program found in Windows is one of the most useful tools, especially for forcefully terminating a hung program.The design itself is flawed because most common users would think that their.Download Registry File to Reset Task Manager Settings.Windows - The tabs and menus of the Task Manager are missing.Here's how to get them back.
You'll be able to see menubar, titlebar and other buttons.From Windows XP until Windows 7, there is a common problem where by the menu and tabs are missing from the Task Manager.You can toggle between the different display mode by double clicking on the Preferences binary, scroll down to the bottom and change the binary value of 53.To fix the Task Manager by bringing back the menu bar and tabs, all you need to do is double click anywhere at the border which is shown at the screenshot below with the yellow highlight.Its a special mode of Task Manager and its by design and sometimes you apply this mode accidentally.It would be even worse if the Task Manager is not showing either the Applications or Processes tab because it remembers the state it was in when last closed, causing the user problems using the Task Manager to terminate an application.