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If those do not know the story of the Brotherhood of the Snake, perhaps I might impart a short bit about them here, which dates from the days of Sumer, the story of Ea (Enki) and Enlil.
Isn't it time to seize our divine inheritance?The Superman Selling Your Soul Sin for Salvation The Mind War Soul Contact Showcase The Shadow The "Hero Program Etidorhpa Hinduism Buddhism Exodus M Dream Gnosis The Day of Rage The Mithras Deception The Jesus Myth The Jesus Plot M Rising Unenlightenment Identity Crisis Golgonooza.Rudy rated it it was amazing, loved this book!The ten most influential Grand Masters of the Illuminati are: King Solomon the Apostate, Pythagoras, Heraclitus, Empedocles, Simon Magus, Hypatia, Leibniz, Weishaupt, Goethe and Hegel.Hegel and Hermeticism Don Barone Illuminati Degrees The Illuminati Network The Panopticon Supriem Rockefeller The Movement Encountering God garry's mod 13 beta cracked The Right Brain God?If anyone has read William Bramley's.Our religion is called Illumination.It speaks openly of revolution, and states good reasons for.
King Solomon, one of the Bible's most famous figures, died as an apostate.Solomon, a man obsessed with witchcraft and magic, believed he was about to discover the key to the supreme mystery of life.Determined to clear himself, he goes to his clients home where he finds only corpses.We are able to show how this can be achieved using Einstein's theories of special and general relativity, and quantum mechanics.As I reflect on what I've read previously, prior to discovering this site, I realise that perhaps there is some validity in what he is saying.Now his successors have.And more than likely afterward I will be left with nothing but more questions and new directions to explore.Ayn Rand, christ the Deceiver, illumination, the Leibniz Riddle Double Agent?