yugioh trading card game interactive demo

On Joey's turn, Yugi explains the steps of the.
The dialogue is written to describe game mechanics and strategies to the viewer.
Joey powerware 5125 battery test destroys "Blue-Eyes" with his set "Ring of Destruction" (Computer: Joey: ) and continues with "Dark Mimic's" attack (Computer: ).
Copyright note: This video has copyrighted materials inserted to it which might offend someone or his/her rights.Joey sets "Ring of Destruction".Turn 4: Joey Joey draws and activates " Dark Hole " to destroy "Armed Dragon LV5".Normal Summoning and, normal Set, and Yugi tells him monsters cannot be Normal Summoned.Yugi then tells Joey to set a Trap in Main Phase 2 so that he can activate it later.This video was moved to this channel by Yu-Gi-Oh!Yugi teaches Joey the concept of a Chain and how Chain Links resolve in the reverse order of activation.
Draw Phase, Standby Phase, Main Phase 1, Battle Phase, Main Phase 2, and End Phase.This video was screencorded from the Yu-Gi-Oh!Moving on to the tutorial, this video shows the basics of the game.Joey laments how he does not have strong enough monsters in order to activate his Ritual Spell, but Yugi tells him about the Equip Spell Card that he also drew, which can take cards from another Owner.(Joey: ) The Computer activates " Graceful Charity " to draw three cards and discard the freshly drawn " Luster Dragon " and " Blue-Eyes White Dragon ".