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Non renewable energy sources yahoo dating


If the future of energy were a storybook, then renewable energy would play the part of the hero. That would leave oil and gas producers as the villains -- and it's not difficult to see why.

A couple of famous oil spills don't really help from the PR perspective, either.

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That has led many public and private institutions to expel any holdings in the oil and gas industry from their endowments, but that might not be a wise strategy in the long run. Displacing and replacing fossil fuels won't be easy. That leads to "Non renewable energy sources yahoo dating" inconvenient reality for most narratives surrounding clean energy: The numbers are impossible to ignore.

That's a whole lot of solar panels. Or research and development. Or equity investments in promising start-ups. Turns out, big oil is doing all of the above. Here's where and how these companies are investing billions of dollars in renewable energy technologies. Far from being a villain, big oil is perhaps one of the most important allies for renewable energy.

The world's oil supermajors generate significant levels of cash flow, boast infrastructure networks that span the globe, and have the most to lose from falling behind the technology curve. It's still early in the oil and gas industry's transition, but the largest energy companies are leaving no Non renewable energy sources yahoo dating unturned in their quest for dominating clean energy supply chains.

Small investments in projects spanning wind power, solar, and geothermal that can power a combinedU. While that makes it unlikely that any products will be commercialized in the next decade, some of the highest-impact technologies in use today sprung from basic research. The oil supermajor has a heavy focus on synthetic biology in particular. It hopes to prove the commercial feasibility of deploying genetically engineered algae in large outdoor farms capable of producing 10, barrels per day of renewable crude from sunlight and industrial CO2.

If it can achieve that, then the modular design could scale to much larger levels. ExxonMobil is also developing genetically engineered microbes with Renewable Energy Groupthe nation's largest biodiesel producer, that could produce biodiesel from waste biomass read: BP is also interested in leveraging its global liquid fuels infrastructure, from refining to distribution, with renewable liquids.

It produces about million gallons of low-carbon ethanol each year in Brazil. The three facilities also burn leftover agricultural wastes to power themselves and send an extra gigawatt-hours of electricity generation to the grid. It, too, is interested in the promise of synthetic biology. BP and DuPont have teamed up to form a joint venture called Butamax. Butamax is developing technology that could retrofit existing ethanol facilities to churn out butanol, which could make the transition relatively swift and smooth.

If successful, the total market opportunity is over 20 billion gallons per year in the United States. It underscores a growing shift toward renewable electricity generation among the world's largest oil companies. For instance, after failing to gain much traction developing engineered microbes to produce renewable fuels itself, Royal Dutch Shell has decided to "Non renewable energy sources yahoo dating" on solar power and energy efficiency. It owns megawatts MW of projects with another 1 GW in the pipeline.

Royal Dutch Shell also "Non renewable energy sources yahoo dating" acquired MP2 Energy, which specializes in power management solutions and owns a portfolio including utility-scale solar, distributed solar, wind, and even landfill gas. That looks similar to Chevron's approach to renewable power to date: Chevron has equity stakes in solar, wind, and geothermal production facilities that can power aboutAmerican homes each year. That's not much, but it's a good start as the company begins honing its renewables strategy.

It may be needed sooner than later, as it has a heavy presence on the green energy-hungry West Coast of the United States, which will begin rolling out increasingly aggressive clean power policies in the coming years. Chevron has also invested in next-generation renewable fuels Non renewable energy sources yahoo dating much success, but still sees a bright future for renewable diesel. Not to be confused with biodiesel, renewable diesel can be used with no blending limitations when added to petroleum-based diesel.

Of course, no discussion of renewable energy is complete without mentioning the incredible efforts of French energy giant Total.

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