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But two of the Romanovs were never found. The bodies of the tsar's heir, Prince Alexei, and his sister Princess Maria were missing.

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Archive evidence suggested the pair had been buried away from the others. But repeated digs at the leafy spot on the outskirts of Yekaterinburg in southern Russiawhere the remains of the rest of the family were found, failed to reveal a resting place. That was until last month when Sergei Plotnikov, a year-old builder, stumbled on a small hollow covered with nettles.

Mr Plotnikov was part of a team from an amateur history group who spent free summer weekends looking for the lost Romanovs. Mr Sergei plotnikov yahoo dating said he was searching in the clearing surrounded by silver birch trees when his prodder hit something hard. My friend Leonid and I started to dig. We found several bone fragments.

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The first was a piece of pelvis. We then discovered a fragment of skull. It had clearly come from a child. We shouted over to the archaeologists.