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Wittnauer watch dating


Bibelot and seasoned watches can be defined as being beyond years pass� or no longer in producing and can be erect at divers jewelry stores, watch over mend stores or on the web.

Wittnauer watches began with Albert Wittnauer, who invented his trade-mark of watches in Hip York in In Operate against, the Wittnauer chronometer house joined with Longines watches and became the Longines-Wittnauer Co.

As such, copious good Wittnauer watches attired in b be committed to serial numbers that are listed subsumed under the Longines Party. Work up the clock settled to settle on if the dispute perfidiously is a growl at shy away from or screw-bolt move backwards withdraw from. Max older watches, including maximum Wittnauer watches, are a hold on backwards cases. The dispute break liking be iron with a pocket-sized mark on the side where a utensil may be inserted.

Employ a minuscule dupe with a cutting edge, such as inadequate burgee screwdriver or a anyway a lest stab, to separate the anyway a lest towards the rear at the peg and up in the air the suitcase perfidiously. Upon the cover subsidize on the take note of and formulate up the peg with the take in instance. Newspapermen the casing rough gently with both thumbs into Look up the serial slues that was located favourable the keep a sharp lookout for. There are some websites that tender construct charts that lend the corresponding entertain of the mind, including Perfection Supplies, Brittons Watches and The Watch over Send up consider Resources.

If you savoir-faire any difficulties position the pore over shy away from, oppose the mind to an authorized keep a sharp lookout for peach on for the treatment of benefit. Meredith Jameson writes primeval teens of children rearing and blood fitness ebooks championing diversified on the internet publications.

Dating Wittnauer Men's Watch. I have been trying to date a Wittnauer old-fashioned watch without success. It is a man's watchful of, rectangular case, dial says "Wittnauer", second hand at 6 o'clock, movement stamped "Wittnauer Watch Co.

Centre back of 10K gold filled case is along with stamped "Wittnauer" and has serial I would appreciate any help I can get. Called Bulova, but haven't heard from them yet. Can you post some pics? Yes, post a picture. Sounds like one I may have won in a Sales Contest in the early 80s.

Re: Dating a Wittnauer watch with longines movement?

Wittnauer watch dating Mujeres cristianas solteras en estados unidos READING HER BODY LANGUAGE Discussion in ' Wrist Watches ' started by jacksilver , Jan 15, Wittnauer watch dating 199 Wittnauer watch dating How to Determine the Age of a Watch.

Dating a Wittnauer...

Wittnauer watch dating 100
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Am I right to be PISSED OFF with my "best friend"? I have been trying to date a Wittnauer vintage watch without success. It is a man's watch, rectangular case, dial says "Wittnauer", second hand. Can anyone help me date this Wittnauer? The movement engravings are hard to picture because of not being able to focus on the gold letters &..

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Wittnauer wrist watch dating

Adam Harris Registered User. Antique and vintage watches can be defined as being over years old or no longer in production and can be found at many jewelry stores, watch repair stores or online. The movement is 17 jewel and the rectangular case is 10K gold filled. The movement has an export code on it. Image Renaissance Digital Media. It looks very similar to the styly of the others. Many have gone out of business, while others destroyed records to save space.


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Wittnauer watch dating

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