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The ebony blade


It resembles an ebony katana, and is considered to be an artifact of great evil, having the ability to absorb the life essence of those The ebony blade it strikes. Part of the damage inflicted flows into the wielder as raw power, draining the victim of their health and sometimes stamina.

It has also been known to fortify the wielder's skill at using long blades, magically silence those that it strikes to prevent them from casting spells, and deceive victims. The Blade has corrupted and perverted the desires of great men and women, The ebony blade is infamous due to the many lives it has taken at the hands of its dark owners.

It is known to drive all who wield it insane.

The Ebony Blade is a...

Wielders of the blade consign their everlasting soul to Oblivion. Some time in the early Second Eraan Altmer named Nerien'eth uncovered the Ebony Blade while scouring Tamriel for artifacts to study. He brought it to the Agea Relle for study, believing it to be an ancient Akaviri blade. He summoned Daedra to torture their souls for eternity, and shattered the soul of his wife Alanwe so that she would suffer the The ebony blade.

The Agea Relle became known as the Crypt of Hearts, and was avoided by the people of Rivenspire for many years. In 2Ea group of Undaunted entered the Crypt and cleared it of undead and Daedra, freeing the captured souls and restoring Alanwe's spirit.

Instead of departing for the afterlife, Alanwe stayed The ebony blade to protect the vault from Nerien'eth, who returned in force later that year. Using the Ebony Blade, Nerien'eth summoned minions of Mephala, powerful Daedra who aided him in recapturing the lost souls.

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