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Jon b danette jackson hookups ex


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Dec 18, 1. He professed his love for African American women and explained exactly why he was attracted to them and it was quite interesting.

Thanks x 1 Skeptical x 1. Dec 18, 2. Thanks x 4 LOL!

Dec 18, 3. Dec 18, 4. Another one of these threads of black women being excited over white men expressing interest. Thanks x 7 LOL! Dec 18, 5. Okay he likes around the way girls. He married to blk woman. I liked some of his music. Dec 18, 6.

Am I the only one who can't see any the pics in this article? "Jon b danette jackson hookups ex" for those wondering here is his wife: Dec 18, 7. I can't see any of the pics in the thread. Dec 18, 8. Dec 18, 9. Dec 18, That type of thing was a little more "in" back in the day. Hell even in the early s. Keep in mind, its Jon B who said it, not one of the members of One Direction or something I ain't mad at him lol. Thanks x 2 Disagree!

Jun 7, Make some noise...

I grew up on his music so I can't help but to feel nostalgic when I hear Jon b danette jackson hookups ex stuff.

It was never a secret that he was singing to Black women back then. I crack up every time I hear "Before It's Gone" with him talking about 'I hope you like the Ebony satin on your skin tonight' and 'no need in worrying about sweating out your hair tonight': Or was his current wife his long time girlfriend before Jon b danette jackson hookups ex married?

Thanks x 1 LOL! He is attractive and he wife is a cute woman. So now his wife is with a broke White man? That quote was funny. Why do people get so offended when another race actually does show interest? Thanks x 3 Disagree! This looks like Shaun Kings long lost brother. They never really tried to cross over. I've always loved Jon B. Cool Relax album still gets play from me almost 20 years later. He was one of my favorites. I still play his music. He's genuine and I prefer him to others who are clearly not being genuine with their influence and what not.

I don't care who he sleeps with but They Don't Know is one of my favorite songs.

Jon B & wife Danette...

I need to go on Spotify and make a Jon b playlist. Thanks x 1 Hugs! I like that song of his Drake sampled on Cameras. That's all I've got. I stopped after reading that they named one of their daughters "Lauren" but spelled it L'wen Sent from my 0PCV1 using Tapatalk. Lord, I met him a few years back and he was a sweaty, cokehead, distant mess with great skin. He and his wife's dynamics were so strange.

He was like her bitch but she followed him around like a puppy. It wasn't marriage or love but more like co-dependence from his end and insecurity on hers.

He was terrified to be without her and she was terrified of another bitch swooping in on her celebrity from the 90s husband, mind you, it was all business and ain't nobody in there wanted his washed up ass.

It was uncomfortable and truly one of Jon b danette jackson hookups ex weirder celeb encounters we experienced in the place. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Share This Page Tweet. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? No, create an account now.

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