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Sexually transmitted diseases documentary film


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    • CDC expert commentary featuring Dr.
    • Video Seminar: Sexually Transmitted Diseases (). Documentary Genres: Documentary Explore popular movies available...
    • Some microbes passed on during sex could actually be good for us,...
    • Some microbes passed on during sex could actually be good for us, are most of us missing...

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    10 Most Dangerous STDs ( Sexually Transmitted Diseases)

    Indigenous Peoples Achieving sustainability via industrial sectors: The Kenyan film The Silent Epidemic has proven highly effective in the field. Numerous studies have demonstrated clearly that, as part of a comprehensive HIV prevention program, it is essential to take steps to reduce the spread of STDs.

    The use of high-quality audio-visual resources often proves effective in providing audiences with the visual evidence they are looking for. You could be headed for a bad crash. The film contains a great deal of useful information about a number of invisible potential consequences of STDs, such as infertility, cancer of the cervix, and brain damage.

    However, it is the stunning, often gruesome images in "The Silent Epidemic" that make the greater impression on viewers. The film contains footage of children and adults living with AIDS and suffering from a wide range of visible symptoms , infants afflicted by gonorrhea of the eyes, and men and woman whose genitalia have been disfigured almost beyond recognition by STDs.

    It is because of its explicit images that the film is not recommended for use with young audiences. The film concludes with a brief discussion about the means available to us all to protect ourselves from STDs. In addition, we are told that, if we have an STD, it is essential to get immediate treatment and to see to it that our partner does the same.

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    To contact or not to contact? Video Seminar: Sexually Transmitted Diseases (). Documentary Genres: Documentary Explore popular movies available to rent or buy on Prime Video. Some microbes passed on during sex could actually be good for us, are most of us missing out?..



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    Sexually transmitted diseases documentary film

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