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Engagement ring too big


When I got Engagement ring too big ering, the jeweller reccomended it be a quarter size too big. I too felt like I was going to lose it at first…but I have aged a little and am pregnant now and if anything it is now a smidge too snug! I love them, and have them in my most worn rings, but they are generally more for when you have a larger knuckle or very top heavy ring. But, it may fit snugger with a band depending on your finger and the width of the rings. For a temporary fix try a ring snuggie; I like the spiral ones Engagement ring too big can order off Amazon versus the split tube ones.

Many people remove their rings when sleeping. "Engagement ring too big" me I went a quarter size smaller for the winter time. It really depends on what makes you more comfortable a bit too loose or a bit too tight. I was able to wear my rings throughout my first pregnancy. I just got engaged in September and as the weather gets colder, my ring has gotten a little more loose.

My problem is when I wash my hands, my ring will slide all the way around. Keep us updated on what you decide to do. I was thinking about getting one of those bead things inserted as well. I have had my ring since May and it has always been too big on me, warm or cold weather. I have the same issue. I got engaged in July, and the ring fit perfectly. Some bees swear by sizing beads, which may be an option for you if you have awhile to go until your wedding.

Same, my fingers shrink in the winter it seems. During summer it fits perfectly. My fingers swell a lot and I actually ordered a half size too large intentionally because of that. We had planned to resize it down and never got around to it. It does spin though. I had a similar experience and had two sizing balls put in.

I sized mine down a few times — first when I got engaged, and then after I got married and paired it with my band thinking it would feel snugger with both rings, but it was still loose. Temporary solution — Amazon Ring Noodles.

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I got mine sized small. So for me, having to struggle to get it off is kind of important. Find support, ask questions, swap stories, and follow brides planning real weddings here on Weddingbee.

My engagement ring is slightly too big, should I get it sized? Has anyone had a similar experience? Should I resize it or maybe try a ring guard or shrinker? September - Hotel Ballroom When I got my ering, the jeweller reccomended it be a quarter size "Engagement ring too big" big.

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