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Yousexy thang


Billboard ranked it as the No. The song went on to gain notability by being featured in films, such as The Full Monty The song was originally Yousexy thang B-side. Not yet convinced that the song could be a hit, producer Most put it on the flip-side of the Hot Chocolate single "Blue Night".

The song was later remixed by Most, who re-released it as an A-side some months later on his RAK label. The song was a hit and ultimately became the Yousexy thang best-known song.

Yousexy thang In the UK the song was poised for the no. A remix by Ben Liebrand hit number 10, [4] in turn reinvigorating public interest in the band, and prompted the release of Yousexy thang compilation album The Very Best of Hot Chocolate featuring the Liebrand remix which subsequently reached number 1 on the UK Albums Chart in February Ten years later, when it was featured in the film, The Full Monty init went to number six in the chart.

Another US resurgence in can be credited to a Burger King television commercial in which the song played while the camera examined a Double Whopper.

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