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Sam loco efe wife sexual dysfunction


Pages Home About Nigeria: He is regarded as one of the greatest actors Sam loco efe wife sexual dysfunction all time in Nigeria since he started acting in the early s. He excelled in all the stages of his acting career in theatre, television and cinema.

And he was known for acting excellently in English and the major local dialects in the most populous country in Africa, receiving many awards over the decades. May his soul rest in peace. He has for many years distinguished himself as a rare talent for both Television TV and stage drama. Many people misplace my surname for a Delta man. Efe is a Benin name although the Urhobo people popularized it.

What actually happened was that my grandmother was having only female children and after so many years, she gave birth to my father at an old age and when he arrived, the name given to him is "you see now my wealth has finally arrived. The beginning I was born Sam loco efe wife sexual dysfunction in Enugu, but I spent my childhood in Abakaliki and a modest attempt at becoming an actor was what triggered my passion for the stage. There was a time, Government College, Umuahia came to Abakaliki with a production.

We all got so excited and I said to myself that if these men can stay on stage before a large audience and render their lines without looking into any book or script, there must be something magical about it.

A few bold ones among us asked them some questions after the production and they said it was a matter of training and perseverance. So, when they left, I attempted a play that was larger than our collegiate level. I acted Caesar and also directed it without any formal training. A different Ceasar Finally, when my own Julius Ceasar was ready, I registered it for the provincial festival of arts.

I was aware that other contestants came from institutions of higher learning like the Teachers Training Colleges. We participated as primary school pupils and took the last position in the competition but I was adjudged the best actor.

We were deeply influenced by the Roman films such that we presented how Caesar was stabbed by Brutus severally instead of one single fatal stab. We ended ours with a sword fight between Caesar and Brutus which lasted for about 20 minutes, Before Caesar eventually died, all the judges were laughing throughout the fight because they knew that we have gone beyond what Shakespeare wrote.

From that point, I never looked back; having been launched into the theatre since Education Going to school in the East then was tough. It was Sam loco efe wife sexual dysfunction like the Western Region where students got everything free. It was tough for us, so my nephew and I alternated street trading on a yearly basis to enable the other acquire education. But because of the staccato arrangement, I must confess that I had to attend so many primary schools.

I was a very good footballer and so I went to almost ten secondary schools playing football and getting scholarships here and there and I was stubborn as well. As I was being admitted into one, I was being expelled from another.

My group represented Mid-West Area 2 division in most National Arts festivals and we were into so many other things.

Sam Loco Efe is a...

I just wanted to go and receive more training. I played one of the lead characters called Picado Suberu. Hotel De Jordan was never recorded, it was a live show and if we made mistakes, it would go into to the homes directly.

At that time, some few minutes before we take off, people would troop to NTA Benin Sam loco efe wife sexual dysfunction see us Live, while others stay glued to their television sets. Even when some Germans came to see us on set, they were baffled by the production of the serial.

I remember the day they increased our fees to N15 - there was great joy among the cast. Hotel De Jordan was totally creative.

were a dangerous combination in...

Village Headmaster Vs Hotel De Jordan The powers that be did not allow Hotel De Jordan to enjoy national airtime because they felt it would open the eyes of the ordinary citizens. They kept promising us that it would go network and that promise lasted until the production was rested. The play had entertainment value and Sam loco efe wife sexual dysfunction that.

Even people on transit through Benin that saw the play wondered why it was not on the network belt of the NTA. But that is Nigeria because those who created their own programmes did not want other programmes to compete with theirs.

I was not a staff of the then Bendel Art Council, but I received an invitation. I listened but I did not hear my name. So, I approached the man and lodged my complaint.

He replied, " Oga abi you no see say your name no dey inside? I showed him the the letter they sent to me and asked him why my name was dropped. The man did not offer any tangible explanation. Fortunately, two Sam loco efe wife sexual dysfunction the people whose names were in the list did not show up, so the director said to me, " Sam Loco take your load in and find a seat.

He said, " this is a rejected stone but he will surprise you. Thereafter, we received a formal letter to report to camp. Picking a role in Langbodo The personalities and the quality of actors in the camp were so intimidating. Seinde Arigbede among others. So, I was on the look out for a role in which I would have few competitors.

First, I started with the role of the Obong of Calabar. I read the lines on the first day and the Director was impressed.

Following the death of nollywood...

So, I lost the role. I moved on to try the role of the Ostrich, which had only four lines. I read the script well but I was told that my neck was too stiff. I did not know that a small boy in Hotel De Jordan got that role.

As soon as I lost the role, members of the Bendel Art Council were sarcastically re-echoing what their Oga said about me earlier. After that, I went for beads making. We were making beads and from time to time, if any Artiste failed to show up, Professor Adelugba would shout, " Sam Loco, go and read those lines. At a point, he started calling me Roving Ambassador. One day, Jimi Solanke failed to show up. While I was busy making beads, I was called upon to Sam loco efe wife sexual dysfunction out the part which I did.

Trouble in Langbodo Out of the seven lead characters in the play six of them came from the old Bendel State. Then others started grumbling and protesting aloud. Some people felt that the best way to end the crisis was to drop Sam Loco. The production team went and brought somebody back from his study leave in England to play Akarogun the role Sam loco efe wife sexual dysfunction won by merit. They toiled all night to make him play the role but at the end, he kept on fumbling and wobbling.

John Ikwere asked sarcastically, if there is any other person from Germany? That is how I ended up playing the role, which almost cost me my life. On the night of the performance I was attacked spiritually I would prefer to describe it as slightly.

My legs suddenly swelled up. Competition for roles Remember that all the states of the federation were represented. Secondly, there were more players than positions. Nevertheless, it was a nice family and it was almost impossible to uncover the bad eggs in the camp. We thank God nobody died in camp. There was a dance, titled Children of Paradise, and Langbodo.

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