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Sexy eyes with makeup


Can't make up your mind between Sexy eyes with makeup blacked-out smoky eye and a feline-eyed flick? There's nothing stopping you from combining the two into one majorly dramatic look. Clumpy-on-purpose lashes, complete with smudges, are actually happening right now. If you're down to experiment, try pairing the look with plenty of blush and bronzer and a pale pink lip.

20 Ridiculously Sexy Eye Makeup...

When a basic cat eye just won't do, give this graphic version the old college try If there's one makeup look Sexy eyes with makeup works on absolutely everyone, it's a well-groomed brow, a sultry cat eye, full lashes, and Sexy eyes with makeup naked or natural lip.

Gorgeous glimmery gold shadow looks especially pretty on blue eyes paired with lush lashes and a pale pink lip color—it's just this side of innocent. Pinned by Britt Beazley via Tumblr. Bronze and black shadows are a foolproof combination when blended into a smoky eye, with a clean, polished brow to complete the look. Eye makeup doesn't have to be dramatic to be sexy: Try tight lining both the top and bottom waterlines with black or brown, then loading on the lengthening mascara for a simple look that really pops.

Pinned by Dreena Marie via Sortrashion. Put a twist on the classic cat eye by extending it way past the outer corners and blending a bit of a metallic beige shadow on top for dimension.

A touch of pearly shimmer in the inner corners brightens up the whole look.

You'll nail your look this...

If you're going to go all the way, then go all the way. Don't be afraid to pair a deep ruby red lip with a super-smoky eye—just take care to keep your lines clean and well-defined.

Pinned by Morgana Randol via Flickr. If your blending skills are up to snuff, try a more advanced, multi-tonal metallic smoky eye like this one. Pinned by Visage Laboratories via Fashion-isha.

Pinned by Hana Munay via Melissa Dobbs.

2. Warm Winter Eyeshadow

A deep-toned neutral shadow in the crease of the eye with a lighter shadow placed on the lid helps to contour the eye but doesn't look obviously makeup-y. It's subtle, so go right ahead and pair it with a pop of color on your lips. Sexy eye makeup can be as simple Sexy eyes with makeup clean groomed brows and a sheer layer of taupe shadow. What makes it especially sexy is what it's worn with—in this case, a deep purple lip stain is crazy flattering.

Pinned by Sophia Gu via Nasty Gal.

Sexy Eye Makeup, Sexy Wedding...

This look is definitely dramatic, but you can get a similar effect by placing brown or grey shadow on the upper lid and lining the lower lash line with a similar color, blending as you go along. Be sure to clean up afterward with makeup remover to avoid the dreaded raccoon eye.

20 Ridiculously Sexy Eye Makeup...

Pinned by Bai Sorayda Bagundang via Cosmopolitan. This updated take on a cat eye features a line that extends straight outward rather than up for an unexpected effect. Heavy black liner on top doesn't have to look overdone: With defined but clean brows and natural lashes, it's perfectly retro.

Try blending a smoky dark shadow into your bottom lash line and leaving the top bare, or blending in just a touch of a colored shadow for contrast.

Pinned by Marina Stolyar via Listal. Share Facebook Pinterest Twitter Tumblr. How to be Sexy: Pinned by Victoria Bulanova.

Sexy Eye Makeup, Sexy Wedding...

Pinned by Aninha Rodrigues. Pinned by Delsie Bertram.

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